Event Rules

• Officials will have final say in all game matters

• Teams will have no more than 2 Coaches on the bench
• A player cannot compete on more than one team in each division of the tournament
• A player cannot change teams once the tournament has started
Length of Game:
• Games will consist of two 12 minute halves. With a stop clock, 1st through 5th Grade
• Games will consist of two 14 minute halves. With a stop clock 6th through 11th Grade
• Halftime will consist of a three (3) minute intermission
• Teams will have an five (5) minute warm-up period prior to each game
• Each team will be provided 3 Time outs per game
• Overtime will consist of a Two (2) minute period with running clock, except for the last minute of play.
• 2nd overtime is sudden dealth in poll play.(only)
• Only one (1) 30-second timeout will be permitted per overtime period.
• The double bonus goes into affect on the 10th
• Time clock will not stop if a team is leading by 15 points
• In addition to the rules listed above, National Federation rules apply
• Home will keep the official book, Visitors will keep the scoreboard
• Protest fee $75.00
• Tournament Directors decisions are final

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